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webbzr – php to browse a bzr repository from a web page

August 6th, 2009

– You can see webbzr in action here Latest changes Version 1.4 (Jun 30, 2010)Fixed a vulnerability where webbzr could be used to list content outside of the webbzr root. Version 1.3 (Jan 24, 2010) Branches and directories within branches can now be download as a tgz or tbz2 package straight from the bzr repository. […]

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Installing Bazaar (bzr) Locally on a Web Host

August 4th, 2009

Context Bazaar (bzr) is a nifty version control system. I’m still a fan of subversion (svn), but there are things that svn just won’t do. For instance, if you want to publish your code to the open world, with svn, you end up with two options: You host it yourself on a dedicated server You […]

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